We've been there ourselves / We have competed in the toughest markets
Design&Shoot was established by Gal Friedman in 1995, and was soon bought out by Zag Industries, turning Design&Shoot into a daughter company and the in-house branding strategy service provider. Working together the two companies established the global Zag brand and led it from local to international success, until it was bought by Stanley Hand Tools in 1998  
Design&Shoot then began working with Stanley. This long term partnership allowed Stanley the ongoing support of Design&Shoot’ expertise as they established their brand and various product lines, while Design&Shoot got vast hands on experience in every aspect of the retail industry  
Walking hand in hand with Design&Shoot towards success both Zag Industries and Stanley Hand Tools gained vast market shares and became known as leading global retail brands  
Today, Design&Shoot Global Branding and Merchandising has risen to become one of the top boutique Business & Branding strategy companies, boasting reputable local and international clients and measurable success  
Design&Shoot has offices in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam, and are proud to still be working with Stanley Hand Tools, as well as other international name brands such as Volta, Chromagen, Magnolia Silver Jewelry, Ahava and many more