Overview & Need

Arkal Leisure Gardening is a division within Arkal Plastic Products. Always on the lookout for new products, the professionals at Arkal have an in depth understanding

of their market and an ability to convert a concept into a useful and well-designed consumer product. With a firm commitment to quality, Arkal Leisure Gardening has managed to get a strong foothold in many major retail stores across North America, Western Europe, Australia and South America. Arkal started off selling their products through private labels and once they had made the decision to enter the market with their own brand  they contacted Design&Shoot for help on creating a brand. Over the last 10 years, Design&Shoot have supported Arkal through various projects and stages of growth. They are now trusted partners.



The first project required design and packaging. Arkal needed a company ID and product packaging that would stand out on the shelf, when placed among its more well known competitors.

At a later stage, Arkal decided to extend its product offering. They had technical knowhow, the capacity and the machinery to produce something new – they just needed to figure out what. 



Design&Shoot’ first project with Arkal included packaging and graphics. Design&Shoot conducted a review of existing products and created a package that quickly explained to the consumer the product’s features & benefits and made Arkal’s new product line stand out on the shelf. With the project being declared a success, Arkal had been exposed to Design&Shoot’ knowledge, professional ability and out of the box thinking. They decided to involve them in a more significant project the search for a new product. This project took 

Design&Shoot to the shelves of retail stores in North America and Western Europe. Throughout the project, Design&Shoot’ in-depth understanding of retail and Gal’s innate ability to think and analyze from a marketing perspective helped Arkal mark potential products. He scrutinized and evaluated them, sorted and eliminated the less suitable and finally reached a decision on the product category they should enter and the product range they would begin to manufacture. 

Design&Shoot has become an integral part of Arkal’s strategic marketing and development team.