Overview & Need

Beryl Davis offers high end, tailor-made personal protective equipment and workwear. Their products are innovative and customized to suit the clients requirements and in a variety of global markets. From the initial design stage, through fabric and color choice, up to finishing touches such as company branding, Beryl Davis pride themselves on flexibility and accountability, meeting customer needs at every step.


The Challenge

Beryl Davis had a genuinely better product, but no one knew it. Design&Shoot’ challenge was to find a way to educate end users about Beryl Davis superior products in the PPE market, so that they would ask retailers to order Beryl Davis products. 

Design&Shoot needed to establish a new visual identity for BD PPE product line, make it stand out from the competitiors, teach the consumers about the products unique benefits and establish loyalty from distributors.


The Solution

In order to educate the market, Design&Shoot established a visual identity along with the new tagline "we've got you covered", which would make Beryl Davis stand out from the competitors. Design&Shoot raised brand awareness and Beryl Davis had the opportunity to educate consumers about their innovative, highly protective clothes. Design&Shoot also established a new product line by the name of "S+ Sport's gear & more" which was sold in pharmacy chains.