Overview & Need

Chromagen, has been Israel’s leading manufacturer of solar water heating solutions since 1962, until their market - private homes - began to change. As more, smaller companies entered the market Chromagen’s market share began to decrease. Competition was mainly based on price, and as their customers were distributors and self employed plumbers, there was no loyalty. Reducing prices was not a sustainable solution and so Chromagen approached Design&Shoot with the desire to improve sales and increase customer loyalty. 


The Challenge

Chromagen had a genuinely better product, but no one knew it. Design&Shoot’  challenge was to find a way to educate end users about Choromagen’s superior product, so that they would ask installers to use Chromagen's system, or go out and buy it themselves. 

Design&Shoot needed to establish the water heating system as a consumer product, make it stand out from the competition, teach the consumers about the products unique benefits and establish loyalty from distributors.

After conducting a visual audit as well as comprehensive research that included interviews with distributors, plumbers, and home owners as end-customers, 

Design&Shoot learned that the end-user has no preference regarding the solution used and so professional recommendations were usually accepted without question. 


The Solution

In order to educate the market, Design&Shoot established a visual identity which would make Chromagen stand out from the competition, created product displays and placed the hot water systems in retail outlets available for purchase by individuals. At retail outlets, Design&Shoot  raised brand awareness and Chromogen had the opportunity to educate consumers about their innovative, energy efficient technology and the health and environmental benefits of using their product. They also established a call center and website which provided information and supported sales efforts. The solution emphasized the high quality of the product and its materials and the company became known as one that offered technological innovation, and better water quality. In order to create distributor loyalty, Design&Shoot built a distributors' loyalty program and supported distributors with information and technical support. In a relatively short time, Design&Shoot managed to ensure that professionals (plumbers and distributors) preferred Chromagen, and had educated end-users to ask for Chromagen’s solutions.