Overview & Need
Hydro-Industries created ‘No Crank Hose Reels’. Developed by a team of scientists the hoses work on water pressure and are the only hose reels that have hands free whined mechanisms. Requiring no batteries or electricity, ‘No Crank Hose Reels’ takes the frustration out of maintaining your lawn and garden.The idea was ingenious, but the product was unbranded and unknown, making it difficult for consumers to justify spending the high price.  


The Challenge
The hose reels are sold at retail outlets and look very much like their competitors, but cost a lot more and uses a lot of water. Design&Shoot had to come up with a strategy to make the hose reel stand out on the retail shelf, and in an area where there is no advertising they had to brand the product, educate the consumers and provide competitive analysis. Design&Shoot had to develop a story for the product, and explain and educate consumers about the quality and uniqueness. 


The Solution

Design&Shoot conducted global research to help Hydro-Industries create a vision and direction for the Hose Reel. For the US market the product was named 'No crank hose reel', with the name explaining its unique advantage. It was then packaged in a brightly designed sturdy box – making it stand out against its unpackaged competitors. The products story was formulated to explain how it could improve the quality of life of the user by making gardening chores fun and easy, and using advertising, PR, and The Shopping Channel, the story was pushed out to the masses. When confronted with their own ease and comfort, consumers could justify the price difference. 

The product got an 8% share of the hose reel market and was purchased by Sun Cast who continue to market it in the US.