Overview & Need

The Prime Minister's Office  operates as a hub, sending signals and decisions to 25 government ministries. On average they make 30 decisions per week, but each decision often involves several ministries.

The government asked Design&Shoot to produce a single template so all ministries would be able to communicate using a common language. 



While the Prime Minister's Office serves as  a government hub, hub, no guidelines had been set regarding a common language or requirements for communicating with and between the 25 ministries. Each office produced documents which looked different, offered a different tone and often covered different areas of the same issue, making communication between the ministries difficult, disjointed and often useless.



Design&Shoot assisted the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) to produce a kit outlining the decision making process and presenting the case which should be put forward by each ministry. One universal process was developed and presented in template form. This enabled them to state their argument, needs and objectives in a clear, comprehensible manner. 

The kit includes an instruction manual, a template with a uniform look and feel covering graphics, section titles/headers, icons representing various departments and common texts.

This universal document offers uniform language to be used by all ministries when presenting work plans as well as going through decision making processes. 

All ministries now work as a cohesive unit, using the same language and communicating clearly on common issues.