Overview & Need

Launched in 1996, Magnolia Silver Jewelry prides itself on being the go-to destination for savvy jewelry shoppers in Israel, and had experienced growing profits several years in a row. Magnolia offers a diverse selection of contemporary sterling silver jewelry and was eager to bring its wide selection to the international market.


The Challenge

In 2010, after undergoing a branding overhaul, Magnolia was looking for a design studio that would be able to service its ongoing needs in a fast growing international market. It wanted to differentiate itself from its competition and reflect its own local and international growth. 



Design&Shoot’ help Magnolia to maintain the excitement of their brands transformation through up-to date, creative, ever-changing design, while maintaining the brands new look and feel. The idea is to continue to establish Magnolia’s global brand, maintain it, increase brand awareness and expand their international appeal.