Migdal Group was established in 1934 and is Israel's leading insurance provider, boasting 1.5 million investors and customers. Migdal offers a wide variety of insurance, pension and financial assets management services. 

Migdal came to D&S requesting to brand their 1500 agents and agencies in order to subtly create brand awareness, facilitate client interactions, a thank agents for their ongoing support. 



Migdal is a highly established company with very specific branding rules and requirements. These include: color, font, images and logos. The challenge was that most of Migdal’s agents do not work exclusively with them, but offer additional services and alternatives.



Design&Shoot decided to use Migdal’s colors, font and logo outline as well as create an arsenal of similar style pictures. 

Using Migdal’s visual language and landscape themed pictures (but changing the sceneries and backgrounds), Design&Shoot created a look and feel that would intuitively conjure up the company and its values. Design&Shoot created a communication kit for agents to give to their clients. The kit included post cards, wedding cards, and a trendy and fashionable giveaway. Design&Shoot also created a toolbox of marketing materials for the agents to better communicate with clients. The toolkit includes: bags, paper, folders and other office supplies. The result, so far, (the project is ongoing) is that over 300 agents have changed the look and feel of their offices to reflect the new Migdal approach and many more are waiting to go through the process themselves.