Overview & Need

Open Gallery is the daughter company of Masonite Carmiel, (Wood factories Carmiel Ltd.) who are owned by American company Masonite.  Carmiel are veterans in the area of door manufacturing, and purchased Open Gallery only three years after it was established. 

Since opening its doors in 1996, Open Gallery has lead a revolution in the Israeli door industry, re-educating the market to consider doors as an integral part of the design of the home. 

Open Gallery asked Design&Shoot to put order in the mess which was their brand. They needed a look, a language and an identity which would represent their global abilities as well as their local success.



Today Opengallery is both a manufacturer and retailer of doors selling their products under different names in different markets. There is no one cohesive international brand, no brand hierarchy, nothing to link the various manufacturers / retailers. 

In addition, none of the company names use the word door in their title, and all use different marketing language.



Design&Shoot aided the company in creating a single brand based on its mission and values - to design custom doors for every taste and every budget. Because doors are a reflection of emotion and feeling and they open onto various aspects of the soul. The door is the first thing you see of a home or business and so it gives the first design ambiance. 

Design&Shoot created a full line of design products to create a hierarchy among the company’s brands as well as creating brand awareness.