Overview & Need

Polymath, the next generation of medical information management, was developed both for patients and medical institutions needs. Their mission was to streamline communication between the patient, family, and doctors by intertwining both professional and personal medical platforms. After developing a unique PHR system (Personal Health Records) and medical database, Polymath (was called then “New Health Era”) built a business plan to approach hospitals and private users. Design and Shoot joined their journey when the need to develop a brand strategy has raised and together they built a new brand that would bring a new health era.


The Challenge

When first approaching to Design&Shoot, Polymath didn’t have a solid brand strategy and was called “New Health Era”. It’s business plan offered advanteges for private users as well as medical institutions, and there was a need to build a brand that will approach to all target audiences. The long name had to be replaced with a short and catchy name that will go along with the brand’s vision.