Overview & Need

SharpLight Technologies, an innovator of advanced, non-invasive systems had no brand identity, a small market share, and little experience in international sales. What they had was an avid following of specific end users, many insights as to their needs and a first-class technology at a competitive rate.Sharplight were competing in the global aesthetic devices market, to answer the increasing demand for non invasive procedures. Their main competition came from global companies selling strong brands like Lumenis, Candela, Cynosure, and Syneron to leading doctors, surgeons and dermatologists. 

SharpLight was searching for a way to stand out and compete with the giants. 


The Challenge

Research revealed that the market was driven by an increasing number of consumers and providers (core and non-core physicians) and an increasing demand for minimal and non invasive procedures. The market was also expected to be driven by companies' focus on innovation and their direct-to-consumer marketing approach. 

To become a successful player, SharpLight needed to shift its targeted market from the high-end dermatologists that are interested mainly in the highly branded devices. SharpLight’s customers were often cosmetologists and beauticians, and research identified both their concerns and their need for marketing tools, in order to help their business grow. 


The Solution

Design&Shoot partnered with SharpLight to find and develop their own market niche – complete with product selection and unique brand identity. 

Design&Shoot’ insight was that SharpLight should not compete in the high-end dermatologists' market. Instead they should target cosmetologists and beauticians seeking a combination of services, features and prices that SharpLight could meet. 

The goal was to position SharpLight as a company dedicated to the success and growth of cosmetologists and beauticians by creating a relevant compelling product selection and providing the tools needed to set up and establish a business. Design&Shoot created a new brand identity and a relevant brand promise based on the new segmentation of the market. 

SharpLight started offering a financial plan to ease the burden of setting up a business and purchase of equipment. They established the SharpLight Academy to constantly support and enrich their customers’ knowledge and provided a jumpstart marketing kit, so every customer could instantly start marketing their services. Simultaneously, SharpLight developed new products to suit the needs of its new target market, taking into consideration the physical space available to them and the price, while providing a comprehensive array of treatments. 

Design&Shoot facilitated a radical shift. They applied and expanded the research to generate a focused brand promise and design. This built a strong brand and created a long lasting relationship with the clients, resulting in an exceptional market share and global brand awareness.