Overview & Need

Stanley is the leading global tool company and are dedicated to continually testing, designing and improving their products to ensure quality and maximum function. Maintaining their leading position and reputation as being the world's best at what they do is important to them as a company and what they expect from a name like Stanley.


The Challenge

Increase global brand awareness, to increase market dominance on all continents as Stanley has inNorth America. This brand awareness strategy creates questions, such as: How do you take aUSproduct and make it European? For example a digital distance measure device, which has one name in the US would have twenty different names in the Eurozone.


The Solution

Design & Shoot created lines of products that tell a story and understanding and in turn increase brand awareness without the use of words. Instead of describing what the product does in text we showed it in visuals. This use of visuals assisted in the creation of the shelf categories, which increased the overall advertising territory and allowed the consumer understand the function of the product and its advantage, while reinforcingStanley's brand of excellence.