Guards Life and Property

Triple+ Detect. Connect. Protect. is an innovative, affordable set of safety solutions for averting damage, injury, and financial losses due to fire, CO, earthquakes, gas, and water leaks. Triple+ products are intended for use in buildings - commercial, public, or residential. Triple+ puts the word "Safe" in Safe connected property and home. The company is developing a line of products, based on its own original, patented and proprietary technologies that automatically shut off water and gas valves whenever risky events such as gas leaks are detected or when people leave buildings unattended. The founders understood that an affordable and easy-to-install solution to stop leaks in water and gas pipes at the moment of occurrence, with minimal interruption can bring about a significant reduction in consequential damage. This in turn saves expensive repairs, replacement of, and compensation for damaged furniture, equipment, and structures. This brought about the establishment of Triple+ in 2011. Following extensive research and development and field implementations, Triple+ is developng networks for detection, wireless at-the-moment-of-occurence shut-offs for protection and two-way connectivity to property owners, service providers, and first responders. Detect. Connect. Protect. Furthermore, it is low cost and ultra easy to install, requiring no infrastructural changes, no wiring and, in most products, no AC power.