Overview & Need

The Israeli automotive battery market is crowded with both local manufacturers and imported products. A long supply chain and a very price sensitive marketplace reduced and limited the profitability and ability of Vulcan Batteries Ltd to compete in the market. Vulcan wanted to increase their market share and revenue by becoming the leading Israeli supplier of automotive batteries. 


The Challenge

In the car battery market, most often, it is the service provider (the garage owner), not the end user (the car owner) who chooses the product from among the various competitors, with no apparent reason for the choice – everyone looks and does basically the same thing. Car Batteries in General, and Vulcan among them, had no patent, technological edge or rate advantage that would make them stand out in any way.


The Solution

In order to increase their market share Vulcan needed to be the brand of choice of the garage owners, as well as the requested brand of the end users. They needed to create brand awareness. Design&Shoot conducted market research to find Vulcan’s meeting points with their users. The insight provided by the research was clear and straight forward; in order to be the brand of choice they needed to be known and they needed to differentiate themselves from the competition.


Design&Shoot helped Vulcan on two levels: 

1. They increased consumer awareness by re-positioning their product to the end user. 

2.They created an all-encompassing solution which would give garages an incentive to sell Volta batteries. 


Design&Shoot’ process included: 

  • The creation of packaging which spoke the design language of the automotive industry & was friendly to the consumer. 
  • Increasing the company’s product selection from batteries to a complete line of automotive accessories.
  • The creation of a comprehensive business plan for garage owners to become Volta ‘agents’ or representatives. For this purpose they were provided with uniforms, service guidelines & a display of various car accessory products which were labeled & branded Volta – gave them additional revenues. 
  • They introduced the idea of buying car batteries to the end user (car owner) by placing them for sale at DIY stores, Home Depot and other large retail outlets. 


Design&Shoot’ solution accomplished two things: it created an engaging identity that stands out within the retail environment and the garage space, both locally and internationally; and it created a meaningful identity that highlights Vulcan’s superiority over the competition.