Revealing your path to sustainable advantage
1. Research and Mapping  
We study the various market segments, using qualitative and quantitative studies, establish product values and desired values, study your competitors and create perception maps. Finally, we look for gaps in the market and new needs.
2. Strategy and Work Plan  
Based on solid data, we formalize a strategic marketing and branding plan that will include short and long term goals, open new markets, develop new meeting points with consumers, partnerships, and product lines, and define or re-define the brand identity.
3. Execution and Implementation  
Based on the work plan, we create a tool box that will be used at customer meeting points to deliver the brand story and promise, maximize the interaction with potential customers, and directly lead to an increase in sales.

We don’t limit our involvement to a particular department or task. We are constantly
involved in marketing strategies, products development, and business development,
and the solution is case specific.
4. Feedback and Ongoing Follow-up  
Once your products can be found on the shelves, we meet regularly to discuss the progress, measure the results, and continue monitoring the market. When necessary, we will adjust the marketing tools, product lines and strategic partnerships.